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2009 forecast for San Antonio Texas!

January 9, 2009

We had the privilege of having the NAR president in San Antonio telling us about the housing forecast for 2009. Good news is on the horizon! Housing is now more affordable than ever! Interest rates continue to break records with all time low recordings and housing with a median price range of 150k is in a 7 month supply. Now is definitely a time to be a first time home owner, or moving up to that dream home you always wanted.
On that note, buyers are coming on board fast; so if you have a home to sell, this may be the time as well. There are only 2 reasons a house won’t sell in any market; pricing and condition. Don’t fall into the category of expired! Call or email me and I’ll set up an appointment to get your house a thorough walk through and an analysis of the market area and get your house primed and ready to sell!
Who do you know looking to buy or sell in the San Antonio, Texas area? Have them contact me and I’ll get them started. I’m your retired veteran, your full time REALTOR for all your real estate needs.