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Set the recession aside, San Antonio Texas home values are still rising!

December 18, 2008

Even with the announcement of the United States in a recession since December 2007, San Antonio still has managed to show a rise in home values, albeit slowly.  Homes in the past here have grown at a rate of approximately 3% through out the years and I think this is the key to why we are still seeing a growth.  The military has given the city additional personnel looking to buy homes.  With the BRAC, Base realignment implementing and favoring San Antonio into their restructuring plans for the military, our city is continually seeing growth!  Values of homes rose nearly 2% from September 30 2007 to 2008, according to the San Antonio Business journal.  And now with the interest rates dropping to an incredible rate, there isn’t a better time to invest in San Antonio.  A great home at a great price with a great interest rate, what more can I say!  Who do you know looking to buy or sell in the San Antonio area?  


Is it a time to buy a home?

December 2, 2008

With the economy officially in a recession, one may start to draw away from buying a home.  The shocker of the matter is, that the news states we’ve been in this depression since December 2007!  Well houses were still being bought during that time when we didn’t know of the turmoils, and now is still a great time to buy.  Prices of homes have stabilized, interest rates still remain good.   Take the time and invest in a new home, move up home, move down home, etc.

Hello world!

December 2, 2008

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